40×20 cm Knot Pillow


• Unicle inner

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Corduroy Almon Oil, Corduroy Apple Butter, Corduroy Blue Nights, Corduroy Dark Shadow, Corduroy Luminous Khaki, Corduroy Poseidon, Corduroy Silver Fox, Corduroy Sunstruck, Fibreguard 01Flax, Fibreguard 14Mushroom, Fibreguard 18Dolphin, Fibreguard 22Jet, Fibreguard 24Hydro, Fibreguard 35Amber, Florals Almay Sunset, Florals Anais Amber, Florals Anais Melon, Florals Botanica Rein, Florals Chella Breeze, Florals Figardo Blossom, Florals Kona Eggshell, Florals Malasia Ocean, Florals Manila Earth, Florals Polonia Greenary, Florals Polonia Tropical, Florals Praga Blush, Florals Praga Geo Aqua, Florals Torka Autumn, Florals Torka Winter Grey, Imports Alvaro Honey Slate Topaz, Imports Bellis Silver Fern, Imports Bellis Woodland Yellow, Imports Bird Watch Cream, Imports Catherinae Embroidery Hay, Imports Felix Blueberry, Imports Felix Olive, Imports Tilla Lime Gold, Imports Tilla Lime Stone, Luna Agate Grey, Luna Blue Moon, Luna Castle Rock, Luna Falcon, Luna Marsala, Velvet Evergreen, Velvet Malachite, Velvet Mallow, Velvet Perlino, Velvet Soapstone, Velvet Tempest, Velvet Wassabi


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